My Grand Daughter
My five-year old granddaughter
and the birds having a fun day!

(Actually, I haven’t had a real job since 1987 – I got laid off and downsized before it was fashionable! – but didn’t start seriously working from home until 1996)

I could probably bore you with stories about my great lifestyle, fast cars, luxury homes and all the other garbage some people claim, but I thought this picture of my (incredibly good looking and smart) granddaughter tells a story better than I ever could:

We were at the Long Beach Aquarium in Southern California on a Wednesday afternoon. Since I don’t have a ‘real’ job we were able to go when we wanted to. She entered the bird sanctuary and quickly attracted the attention of some of the locals. The smile comes from knowing life is pretty good and not worrying about tomorrow. She is the happiest girl I know. And I had the privilege of spending another weekday with her because I don’t owe my life to a boss.

So what does this mean to you! It means your SUCCESS FROM HOME ALLOWS YOU TO LIVE YOUR LIFE ACCORDING TO YOUR SCHEDULE! And maybe, just maybe, it means giving your kids and grandkids a pretty good life, too.

It took me a long time to learn how to succeed from home but today I do well because I DO WHAT WORKS, OVER AND OVER AGAIN. AND I TEACH MY STRATEGIES TO MY FRIENDS THROUGH MY FREE EMAILS AND PERSONAL MENTORING.

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Gone are the days of the thirty year job and a simple retirement.

Gone is job security.


Those with the courage to act on their own will have the best lifestyles in the future. Your desire, commitment and persistence are more important today than a college degree! Your willingness to take action is the greatest success tool there is! And your time here at LazyWealth™ is your best ‘investment’ in learning how to succeed.

20 years! I can hardly believe it but I can’t imagine ever again waking up to work for someone else.

Join us. Maybe your life can be as fun as Ellie’s!


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Thank you.
Larry Oxenham

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