It’s okay to eat that egg!

TOO FATSeems like most people have less trust in government today than ever before. After all, our politicians have led us on an uncertain path, our basic standard of living is not what it was, and we constantly hear how America is a land of obesity. Then we turn on the television and it’s virtually impossible to escape the never ending pharmaceutical ads extolling the virtues of some pill or injection as well as listing side effects that often include heart attacks.


And we are probably not one bit surprised!

Earlier this year the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) unveiled new dietary guidelines giving the thumbs up to some of the foods they have been telling us will end our lives prematurely; you may now eat, safely they say, eggs, shellfish and other cholesterol-rich foods.

So, after years of contrary information, the DHHS tells us these formerly deadly foods have little influence on cholesterol levels in the bloodstream. Oh ….. This reminds of a fairly recent acknowledgment by the same people that there is good cholesterol and bad cholesterol. You need a scorecard to keep up ….

And for you Starbucks addicts (not me, their regular coffee is too strong and too hot!) coffee is now on the ‘approved’ list. In fact, DHHS tells us a few cups a day (no they didn’t say what size, but we suspect they didn’t mean 48 ounces!) can help prevent Type 2 diabetes, depression and even Parkinson’s disease.

So, let’s see if we understand this, eggs and shellfish used to build bad cholesterol and you would die; coffee used to contain dangerous caffeine that might, well, kill you, but now eggs and shellfish are good and coffee may save/extend your life.

Given enough time DHHS might conclude that eating is a positive endeavor in your life ….


Next year they will probably announce stress makes your taller, better looking and helps you run faster!

Not sure the pharmaceutical companies want this information out there since their livelihood depends on your willingness to believe that being medicated, despite the side effects, is the key to a happy to life!

As a concession to Political Correctness – always at the top of the government agenda – DHHS is also telling us replacing dairy and meat products with plant based foods will not only improve your health but will, you guessed it, ‘improve the environment’.

Reducing dairy and meat does remove the reason for living from many cows but probably reduces the frequency of cow flatulence which undoubtedly means less methane in the atmosphere ….

I wish DHHS would include photos of the scientists/bureaucrats who come up with this stuff so we could see how their research has affected their bodies!

As a personal observation my experience has been that people who eat a little less, exercise a little more, lay off the pills, and maintain a positive attitude do pretty well.  I personally find a modest diet with a good In & Out Double Double and fries (This will be meaningful to our Southern California readers where In & Out is the meaning of life!) mixed in makes you feel good.

Can’t wait for the next DHHS ‘revelation; we will probably learn that cake and cookies builds resistance to the remaining diseases known to mankind (can we say ‘man’-kind?).

We can only hope!

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2 comments on “It’s okay to eat that egg!
  1. Ivan says:

    Interesting observation Larry,I just talked with a lady nearby who is 105,and I asked her about her “secret” of long life,she smiled and told me: just don’t worry too much,and be kind,and keep moving! And I said is that all,what about food you eat?She said; Eat everything in moderation,never in excess…and I like my bacon, well done:)!So there you go,have your bacon well done,don’t worry too much, and eat everything in moderation,and keep moving:)! Nothing complicated,yet most of us,and most of so called “authorities” make it more complicated then it needs to be!

    • arclarry says:

      Sounds like a smart lady! I believe in ‘keeping moving’ because it takes a good attitude to do that. And
      I am fairly good about eating but could be better. Mostly, I think the key is waking up every morning
      looking forward to having a good day.