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  1. I’m wondering how will I make my blog in blogspot available via google internet search? I’ve seen a few blogs that may easily become googled yet mine will not show on the internet at all..

    • arclarry says:

      I don’t know the answer to that, Angelique. I have a computer guy who does all my technical stuff so I will ask him.

      In the meantime, I hope you subscribed to my blog and visit often.



      • arclarry says:

        Angelique, my computer guy took the time to provide a very detailed answer and I am forwarding it as courtesy to you:

        Hi Larry, wow, this is the $10 million question of course. Difficult to say how much being on blogspot hurts, yes, if you register a domain and publish under that domain, the feeling is that you will do better. But Googlebot has no issue indexing content on blogspot, so I feel that’s probably not the source of the problem.

        If she really thinks she is not being indexed, she can go to Google and type in:

        site: blogspot..com

        Which should return all of the pages Googlebot indexed from her domain. Depending on how the domain is set up, she might have to try site: .com instead. I’m pretty sure the content is being indexed, it just isn’t being found under the search terms she is using.

        So we’re left with two obvious things; quality/originality of content and keyword strategy, and they are linked to each other. What terms did she search on when she concluded that she wasn’t being found? Does she sincerely believe that the search terms she used are the terms her client audience will use? If so, does she use those terms regularly in her blog?

        We’re talking keyword strategy here, the basics are:

        1) Decide what keywords your Clients use to find websites like yours. If they are really popular keywords, there might be a struggle to be found, because other people are putting good money into Search Engine Optimization (SEO). So she might have to be a bit agile, and go after longer keyword strings that are used less often, and are also very specific to the content.

        2) Use those keywords often in your blog, pages, guest blogs etc.

        3) Have some patience, it’s a slow process.

        That’s it, Angelique, hope you find this information useful.