A never ending pursuit ….

by Larry Oxenham, Publisher

If there is one constant in the lives of most people today it is the pursuit of money, not for the sake of having money, but because money is a necessity to live a productive life.

Most of my adult life has been spent in entrepreneurial activities.

There have been highs.

There have been lows.

When you sign the front of your checks the highs are higher and the lows are lower, which explains why such a small percentage of the population makes it as entrepreneurs; it is really tough knowing you are the only one to blame/credit for what you accomplish.

We believe this is an important subject, especially in America, because the country has changed dramatically in a very short time.

Record numbers of Americans have reached retirement age; few can afford to retire.

The change from an America-centric economy to a world-centric economy means our foundation jobs, especially in manufacturing, have left or are in the process of leaving the country.

Workers who depended on manufacturing jobs with large companies have been displaced and are not equipped for employment requiring computer related skills.

Political leadership has not prepared for or met the challenges, and does appear capable of doing so.

73% of college graduates today say they want to pursue entrepreneurial endeavors in the future, yet few have real world experience or come from an entrepreneurial background. And schools are ill-equipped, with few exceptions, to prepare students for anything but a job.

Our media, charged with the task of keeping America honest, has become do dishonest, so biased, so dysfunctional, it serves no purpose other than to stir the population with stories of impending doom or to slant messages to fit a certain ideology.

A look back at the recent past offers a 2015 prediction list by the news service Reuters:

  1. The Obama boom will arrive.
  2. Economic growth will be 3% and higher.
  3. The next two years will be the best we have had in at least a decade.

They also predicted both Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton would run for president but that’s like predicting there will be sunshine in Southern California!

Reuters was 0 for 3 and they amplify our belief you have to look to yourself for your future.

If large scale jobs – other than government, education and law enforcement – are permanently gone, what does this mean for the average person?

If we can’t depend on the stock market to build our retirement, what does this mean?

And, if our political leadership can’t find basic solutions, what does this mean?

It’s not all bad news because America has always been a place where an individual can pursue excellence. The biggest difference is that we are no longer a country that celebrates effort, achievement, and success.

Virtually all political effort is aimed at propping up those at the bottom; some worthy, some not.

Virtually all media, especially talk formats, parade an endless supply of life’s, to be polite, non-achievers and let us know they are victims of circumstance.

While there are still educational institutions dedicated to achievement too many today condemn anyone who seeks financial success and demand ‘social’ and ‘economic justice’, Marxist terms for total redistribution of wealth and destruction of all class levels.

Our point here is to accept the fact today’s challenges are different from what they were just a decade ago and to develop a different strategy.

A large part of what we will do here at Arcanum Insider is look for good opportunities to build financial success, both with and without effort, and alert you to possibilities you may not have considered.

For example, our long time readers know we have participated in Mezzanine financing for the past 10+ years, steadily receiving 10% – 12% return on our money. A minimum of $50,000 is required to participate but it has been, for us at least, one of the highest returning predictable low risk forms of income. (If you do have the minimum capital – it can come from an IRA – we have a White Paper you can email for.)

We also participate in home businesses and will bring you the best of the best as time goes by.

We love the stock market but are not experts. In 2016 we purchased some oil related stocks when they bottomed out at the beginning of the year and have done well. But this is a year in which a stock collapse is predicted by almost all ‘experts’ and many financial advisers have suggested those with stocks move their money to bonds or other lower risk investments. It’s very difficult to predict where the stock market will go.

We have been testing, with moderate success, several automated binary trading platforms and will bring you results as we go along. The trend for the future is automated trading so it makes sense to explore possibilities. We have done about 100 trades so far with one system not doing well but the other producing a profit. About $500 is all that’s needed to get started. Once we have enough experience – probably 1000 trades or so – we will make recommendations.

We also have a long background in real estate and have recently unearthed an ingenious way to find and sell properties to produce both cash flow and income and do so without dealing with all the ‘turmoil’ – agents, buyers/sellers, lenders, etc. – in ‘regular real estate transactions. This will require around $10,000 but may be a superb opportunity to build a lucrative foundation almost 100% hassle free.

There are other bits of research we are doing as part of our pursuit of making money and passing the results on. We will let you know about them in this column and will provide White Papers giving you details and our best estimate of possibilities as we go along. We can’t give you specific time frames for everything we are doing but can tell you Arcanum Insider is relentless in our pursuit.

We hope you come back and visit us often to learn about new possibilities.

And we hope you will let us know about promising opportunities so we can review, test and maybe let our readers know.

These are trying times, but they are exciting and loaded with potential …

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  1. Is getting a Masters Level in Innovative Writing a waste of your time?

    • arclarry says:

      I can’t speak for you, Elizabeth, or for me since I have never taken a writing course.