A Presidential Comparison …

by Larry Oxenham, Publisher

Hillary vs. Donald, a Presidential Comparison

This is such a strange election because we have total contrast between candidates, because most Americans have a strong unfavorable view of one or the other and because few believe either one is the solution to the immense problems facing the country.

The media – as always – has totally missed the point of the importance of this election concentrating instead, on the personalities and/or their biases. (In fact, if you listen to CNN – on 24 hours a day in every airport – you would think the only issue facing America today is language used in front of or behind women.)

But this election comes at a time of record debt, a lost international prestige and influence, a ‘jobless’ economy surviving only on government stimulus (which continues increasing the debt) and a hopelessly self centered politicians incapable of helping anyone other than themselves.

We have had a relatively good stock market propped up by the stimulus; the public has little trust in the ability of the stock market to ‘predictably’ provide long term retirement income.

We have an aging economy, a lack of mid-level jobs, schools that are falling increasingly into believe Political Correctness rather than education is their mandate, and an immigration system that chases away the educated and admits the uneducated.

A few days ago the Federal Reserve Chair, Janet Yellen, admitted she does know why the economy hasn’t recovered; an incredible statement for someone who has been pushing off the inevitable by continuing the stimulus and keeping interest rates artificially low. Apparently, this political creature believes the source of a country’s wealth comes from her mandates of never-ending spending, something any family can tell you is destructive.

America needs a thoughtful, aggressive, corrective course requiring intelligence, integrity, vision and dedication few believe our current candidates offer.

We firmly admit we do not expect great things from the winner of this election, although the turmoil and panic among the elites and entrenched politicians Trump would bring would be memorable.

Perhaps the most important question in front of us today is this:

Do we stay on the same path we have been on or will a total upheaval of the status quo ultimately be best for America?

Before I offer thoughts for your consideration let me ask you to set aside all the media infatuation with ‘locker room talk’ and other distractions our insipid media throw at us. The media’s emphasis on ‘National Enquirer’ (no insult to National Inquirer’ intended ….) level soap opera/daytime talk show should be discounted as should be the inane ramblings of Hollywood or others who are so ideologically blinded facts are taboo in their world.

Here is a look at what we expect –

IF HILLARY IS ELECTED: Hillary is the very definition of an establishment candidate with most of her adult life in politics, as First Lady, as a New York politician, as Secretary of State and as someone with a never ending stream of corruption beginning with the blatantly illegal Whitewater  real estate deals (I read the original files and the Arkansas law regarding these types of sales; the law was clearly violated) when she was an attorney with an Arkansas law firm.

She is a smart lady with arrogance that can only come from living inside the cocoon of like minded people who believe they are smarter than you; if she reaches the presidency – as the polls show she may and the media fervently hopes – she will come with more baggage than a UPS delivery truck, but a sense of entitlement unequaled in our history.

Many in her party say she has been ‘running for president’ since the day she met Bill. In fact, you wonder, if you took the politics out of Bill and Hillary, if there would be anything left; both live for the stage and are willing to take any action to attain their goals. The political world is one in which ethics, honesty and integrity long since departed so you have to be aggressive to survive and thrive.

It appears the foundation of her election strategy is her ‘experience’ but so much is negative it’s hard to imagine this putting her over the top. It is instructive, though, that media interviews of potential voters tell us it is her experience that makes them want her.

Clinton is a big government politician who believes government is the solution for all that ails America – listen to her campaign promises of free college, student debt forgiveness, expanded health care, larger safety nets, equal pay, etc.  She is a crony capitalist as is typical of most big government politicians: in fact, the Clinton Foundation ‘donation’ strategies of trading large speaking fees for access is the very basis of crony capitalism.

The anomaly with Clinton, if there is a significant one, is that her party is traditionally the party of big labor and lawyers. However, she is supported in a major way by Wall Street, always considered the dominion of the Republicans.

If Clinton is elected we would expect an economic plan similar to, if not larger, than President Obama’s, although her record of using the military leads us to believe her international strategy might be more aggressive. Based on her time as Secretary of State it is difficult to be confident her actions will produce constructive, long term solutions.

Clinton certainly knows how to navigate the halls of Congress and would most likely be able to get some things done. Congress was often afraid to openly oppose Obama for fear of being called racist (and, as it turned out, they got called racist whether they agreed or disagreed with him) and many feel Congress would also find it difficult to oppose the first woman president.

One attribute Clinton would most likely bring is a willingness to build coalitions, something Obama had no interest in doing.

So, assuming her health allows her to complete her first four years, she might be an improvement over the current government. And, if she pursues a policy of cooperation on Capitol Hill she may establish a foundation for progress we haven’t seen in a long time.

IF DONALD TRUMP GETS ELECTED:  His story is one of the great political stories in American history; nobody has come from outside the establishment like Trump to attain a presidential nomination; and nobody we know has seen such a unified effort by the national media to parse every word into something demonic.

Trump is a man with a large ego (all national politicians have one) and a list of business accomplishments most of will never realize. But what makes him a compelling person is he comes at a time most Americans are thoroughly disgusted with the status quo – more than 60% of Americans believe the country is going in the wrong direction – and he is willing to call out those who have created the problem.

A less often discussed aspect of Trump’s run is how entrenched elite politicians are, how willing they are to go to any length to defeat the outsider, and how petrified they are that their reign of wealth building may be interrupted or stopped. If this was Russia or North Korea Trump would have been assassinated long before now.

Trump also self-funded his run to the nomination, a fact that frustrated the establishment that could not control him. At first he was dismissed by both the media and the establishment but, as it appeared he would reach the nomination each decided to attack him. It is very unlikely the establishment media and the Republican elites will ever be a team but they have followed a similar path here.

Trump’s style is, to say the least, not politically correct, often crass and insulting, but almost always entertaining.

The media feigns shock at virtually every colorful phrase Trump utters, gathers a panel of ‘experts’ to express how unqualified this particular utterance makes Trump, and then solemnly testifies to the ‘un-presidential’ manner of the candidate.

If Trump gets elected the sheer panic on the face of all the establishment politicians, primarily in the Republication party but also in the Democratic party, will give us very entertaining moments. Most will do what politicians do – e.g., suck up to Trump, claim to now believe in him, and then do everything they can behind the scenes to destroy him.

And the media, well, put them on suicide watch!

But for us as American citizens the upside is Trump has spent his entire life negotiating so he knows how to build consensus and get things done, something totally lacking in Washington, D.C. in recent years.

There is no way to tell, at this point, if the rancor between Trump and the political establishment, including his own party, will be so strong it will be impossible to achieve anything. We do know the media is unlikely to put a positive note on anything and that the ‘war’ between him and the media will probably intensify. (Although it must be noted President Obama has openly chastised the media more than once without affecting their adoration of him.)

The most intriguing thing about Trump is his status as a political outsider with policy positions that are not cast in stone. This could make him an incredibly effective president with the ability to build consensus by working toward solutions rather than political victories, or it could leave those around him too confused to know exactly where he stands. On top of this his penchant to speak off the cuff and be easily bated could lead to embarrassing moments.

Trump promises, at least based on his statements to date, to address pressing issues of Immigration, ISIS, trade and other matters that require attention, and that’s good.

CONCLUSION: One thing we know for sure is most of America will be unhappy no matter who wins … on the other hand, one person has a huge stake in seeing Hillary gain the White House –

Sorry, couldn’t resist … no election like this in our lifetime and not sure we want to see another like it ….

So far politicians and the media are huge losers; we can only hope  the American people are winners after the election.

Your thoughts welcomed ….

4 comments on “A Presidential Comparison …
  1. David Richards says:

    I do not believe the media or anyone in Washington really understand why I think Trump won the nomination. A lot of people are very upset with the way things have happened in Washington.
    Trump came along and was saying the things that a lot of people wanted to hear. We cannot continue to spend more that we receive, we must control our borders and we need to get the government out of the way so the our free enterprise system will work.

    • Larry Oxenham says:

      The problem, David, is that what you say makes sense and those in Washington and in the media have no interest in anything other than enriching themselves.

      Thanks for writing.


  2. Flynt Richards says:

    In the foreseeable future the Constitution of the United States will hang by a thread. To save the Constitution it will absolutely have to be done by the Elders.

    • Larry Oxenham says:

      You are right. As it is now the Constitution is considered an inconvenience by many politicians, an obstacle that gets in the way of their agenda.

      Thanks for writing.