Train to Nowhere ….

by Larry Oxenham, Publisher

I am a native of Southern California, a place people used to envy, now they wonder if there is no limit to our inability to live in reality. And there is no better example than Governor Jerry Brown’s bullet train idea …



THE TRAIN TO NOWHERE: A few years ago Governor Jerry Brown, in his second stint as governor of California, decided a main legacy of his tenure would be a high speed train from San Francisco to San Diego. His dream was making the trip in 2 hours which meant traversing nearly 500 miles, mountains in between and lots of stops for passengers.

Even if you still live in the land of slide rules you could not calculate a two hour trip for a train traveling nearly 500 miles through mountains while stopping for passengers in many, many cities along the way. 

But the $68 billion dollars he allotted was not Governor Brown’s  money; it was mine and all the citizens of the state.

It was, coincidentally the exact amount of money he said was needed to fix the roads and bridges.


Now, several years into the project there are tracks laid in some parts of the center of California but none in either San Francisco or L.A. and San Diego was removed due to massive cost overruns.

The train is billions short of promised funding with no way to get that funding.

And a few days ago the legislature – we are a one party state, the Spending Party – decided to ‘steal’ $1 billion from the train fund to add electricity to Bay Area trains. Apparently, we citizens are too dumb to understand their good intentions because it was explained to us this will not make Bay Area trains go faster.

In fact, the first leg begins somewhere near San Francisco and ends in an orchard a few miles South, an indication according to a state train executive, that they are ‘on schedule.’

It has been learned the people involved in plugging the train, including Jerry Brown, openly lied about many of the aspects, including the cost, the speed and the destinations … other than that they did good!

But this is California, a one party state, so there is little if any oversight and no penalty for sticking it to the citizens.

So, as election promises unfold this year – free tuition, free this and that, expanded immigration – remember it is your money being promised, not that of the candidate.

Imagine if you had taken your plan for the Train to Nowhere on Shark Tank and asked for funding.

Just another reason we believe in entrepreneurs over government people ….

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