Requiem for the Media ….

by Larry Oxenham, Publisher


2016 will go down for many things but at the very top has to be the unmitigated arrogance and disconnect of the elitist America media. Never in my lifetime has a group so openly dismissed the public that buys it’s product, made broad assumptions that were wrong, and lost all credibility with anybody except maybe their parents … and that’s probably iffy at this point.

Requiem for an Media!


The 2016 election is now on the back burner … sort of. And now the same pundits who so horribly misrepresented themselves and their candidate are attempting to give us, the unwashed public, the reason we, the unwashed, had the unmitigated audacity to bring a male, a white one at that, into the White House when their brilliant, accomplished, prepared and, oh by the way, female, was the only smart choice.




Something about the blind leading the blind ….


Along with the media came a number of Hollywood celebrities, those bastions of thoughtful liberal discourse, including Barbra Streisand, Miley Cyrus, Whoopi Goldberg and others who as of this moment are, we are sure, packing for their announced move to Canada. (Anything that reduces traffic on the Southern California freeways can’t be a bad thing!)


Maureen Dowd, the ultra liberal country club elite writer for the New York Times, said, “The apocalypse came at midnight.”


One daytime television talk show personality said, “My 9 year old son went to bed the night before because he couldn’t bear to watch the election. When he woke up the next morning he asked me if Hillary had won. When I told him Trump had won he said he was afraid to go to school.”


I got it, a 9 year old who watches CNN? Maybe his mom had something to do with his attitude?


After all, America is now finished. The country, in their minds, reluctantly admitted a black man to the presidency but would not allow a woman to follow. In fact, in the words of the New York Times, Shortly after Mr. Trump’s victory became clear, a black friend told me that his kid brother had been subjected to racial taunts at school.  The election ended well after midnight so we can only assume his black friend and the person who taunted him had record setting detention.


But, then again, the media narrative prior to Barack Obama’s election was that the country – read, unwashed white people – was not prepared to elect a black man.


After Obama’s election, and continuing today, the media narrative has been the underlying reason for the ‘obstruction’ of Obama’s agenda has always been racism.


Today’s CNN headlines warned, ‘White working class voters responsible for Trump’s election.’


‘White’ in today’s media lexicon is a pejorative.


But, according to the media, this inbred racism is now equaled by overt misogynistic tendencies of those white working class voters, especially those misguided enough to be Christians. In fact, one writer noted, “Middle class Christians overwhelmingly voted their racist tendencies.”


Dismissed is the possibility that the decline of the American middle class – underway prior to Obama but amplified in his tenure -, the overt desire to remove our boarders as Hillary Clinton stated in one of her speeches to Wall Street, and the meddling and burdensome nature of the ever-expanding government might have been, perhaps, a slightly motivating factor in the vote.


There is also a feeling, not without validity, that those coastal elites, media among them, either don’t care about them or are dismissive of them.


Then the Wikileaks releases showed positively that the press colluded over and over again with Clinton to frame news releases, select questions for the debates and generally serve as surrogates of the Clinton Campaign. And during the debates the overt favoritism to Clinton in the form of questions or badgering of the other candidate further incensed those who were paying attention.


Polls were gradually revealed as tools to frame responses rather than gain insights; common techniques included over or under sampling certain voters.


The public grew increasingly wary of the press but was already disgusted with the arrogance and uncaring attitudes and actions of those serving in Washington, D.C. Perhaps ‘serving’ is overly generous ….


And then came the chosen candidate for the Democratic Party, Hillary Clinton, the very embodiment of everything wrong in politics today. But the Democratic Party, falsely inflated by the media’s never ending adoration of Barack Obama, was convinced the timing for a female candidate was right, despite the fact Clinton is neither a compelling or an honest person.


The Democrats allowed Bernie Sanders in but then sabotaged his campaign and the public, but not the media, realized the fix was in. Clinton sailed through the nomination process, rarely if ever accepted a press interview, and seemed to convey the air that she was the rightful heir to the throne.


During the nomination season the press was enthralled with Trump, featured him again and again, and generally loved the ratings he brought them.


Once the nomination was certain the press turned their awesome power on him and not a day went by without something negative about Mr. Trump. Some will say he brought some of it on by himself, and he did, but a balanced press would not have … never mind, ‘balanced’ press is today’s oxymoron.


Instead, nightly news and ‘analysts’ told us, as recently as the night of the election, that Trump was unqualified, that the country could not afford a Trump presidency, that Trump and those who would dare vote for him were racist, homophobic, misogynistic and whatever other ‘ist’ or ‘tic’ could be bantered about.


The election shows us the media and the Clinton cartel occupy one country and the Trump voters a different one.


When you dismiss the voting public, as the media and the Democratic party did, you are incapable of providing astute post-election analysis.


Trump was smarter than the media, which probably adds to their disdain because he recognized and tapped into the vast number of voters  who were sick and tired of being considered knuckle dragging, racist, misogynistic, etc., misfits.


Trump knew a large portion of America, particularly those considered working class not living in New York or California, was tired of political correctness, tired of the liberal intellectuals and media elites positing dismissive opinions, was sick and tired of the financial ‘geniuses’ and politicians who gave us the 2008 meltdown, lost industries and declining income.


Hillary Clinton promised the third term of Obama.


This election was not a repudiation of Obama – the voters like him and his family – but a total repudiation of his policies.


And the media and the Democratic party remains dismissive of a public that refused to buy into the same old failed actions; much like the Brexit in which voters were dismissed – and still are – by European elites as racist and stupid.


Voters tired of being told the country they had a part in creating was evil, unfair, and must be totally eradicated in favor of social justice


Clinton joined the elites from the East Coast and West Coast in dismissing Trump. Her platform seemed to be Trump’s demeanor; a casual observer would assume she had nothing to run on because she did not offer a meaningful platform.


Today we are told a woman following a black man into office was just too much for the racist, misogynistic voters, to stomach.


So Trump’s continuously laid out vision to make America Great Again, to address the botched issues of trade agreements, illicit immigration, jobs and other essentials of America, were ‘blocked’ from discussion by the endless trivialities picked by the media and ruminated on for days at a time.


Trump is inexperienced, but Obama was inexperienced; we can only hope Trump is more tuned to the American people than Obama was. Obama was a great orator but his allegiance was to his ideology, Hollywood and the adoring media.  It is Obama’s policies, dismissal of those who disagree (remember when he told his audience ‘they will  hide behind their guns and bibles.”), and total lack of leadership capabilities that led to Trump.


We can’t tell you Trump will be a great president because we don’t have any idea. But we can tell you the American people have been starved for someone who seems to be paying attention to them.


Clinton established herself, thanks to one scandal after another, as someone whose every step led to personal enrichment, whose disdain for sensitive information in her communications endangered the country, and whose long political career meant her footprint is on much of what the government has done to alienate Americans.


As for Donald Trump, we believe Americans should do exactly what they were excoriated to do when Obama was elected; give him a chance.


America has hugely challenging problems developed over decades of selfish, stupid, corrupt and incompetent political leadership. Trump seems willing to admit the failings and address them; this is more than his predecessors have done.


So we remain hopeful that this election result was a wise one for America.


And we hope you turn the news off, permanently!


Democracy is unpredictable but must be respected. It is, as Churchill noted, ‘the worst system of government except for all others that have been tried‘.


The country wanted change.


Clinton could not embody that.


The media grudgingly admitted Trump has his finger on the pulse of America, of the working middle class not living in New York, California or Washington, D.C., the middle class that pays the bills, the middle class the media dismisses.


The postscripts have begun in print and in media and the ‘autopsy’ reveals the press continues to miss the point.


The elites continue to be shocked at the pure insipidity of the ‘white middle class‘ which they believe is the enemy of ‘progressive’ America.


We see the national media giving intellectual gravitas to the ‘peaceful‘ protestors marching in some of the nation’s cities and leaving a trail of broken windows and property damage behind.


Here is our prediction: 100% of what Trump does will be condemned by the nation’s news media led by, of course, the NY Times, and the only time he will be given credit will be when he does something they believe Barack Obama may have done. {We have already seen this with early discussions of the healthcare system when Trump said he might consider keeping parts, like pre-existing conditions (supported by Republicans from the beginning} of Obamacare, and was immediately said to ‘recognize the will of the people.’


So this is our Requiem for the Media, an abusive entity that is dying from self-inflicted wounds. They are like the drunk who just needs a little drink to steady his hands; e.g., they will continue pontificating and condemning because they can’t admit their problem.


Four every interesting years ahead …


We welcome your thoughts …..

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