Bethany Hamilton, Courage and Honor …

by Larry Oxenham, Publisher

A recent photo of Bethany riding a tube. Amazing skill for someone with one arm.


This is a very special and inspiring story of a young girl who suffered a shark attack, lost her arm but did not lose her spirit. We hope it inspires you as it has so many ..


Hawaii born surfer BETHANY HAMILTON lost an arm to a shark and was surfing again 26 days later!

Before we tell you Bethany’s story, would you have gone back in the water at all after a shark took your arm?
As a resident of Hawaii she grew up in a surfing culture and was surfing when she was 7. She loved the waves and her goal was to one day become a professional surfer.
But, when she was 13 she was attached by a 14 foot Tiger Shark who took her left arm to the shoulder, seemingly ending any dreams she had to surf. The sensational nature of the attack made the news worldwide.
Bethany has a strong family to support her and, while healing, made two promises to herself:
1. She would not feel sorry for herself and,
2. She would get back on a surfboard.

She had a lot of frustration adjusting to her disability – she jokes today that she tends to roll over and over when swimming because of the lost arm – but overcame every challenge.


As she recovered she decided to dedicate her life to becoming a role model for young amputees.


Within two years she won her first National Title and, in 2007, realized her dream of surfing professionally. Her story has been told in the best selling biography and 2011 film, Soul Surfer.

Today she is ranked among the top 50 female surfers in the world, an amazing feat when you consider surfing is very much a ‘balance sport’ using your arms to keep your body positioned.


Bethany created the Friends of Bethany charity to inspire others who have suffered an amputation, is a sought after motivational speaker, promotes a fit and healthy lifestyle, and is a role model to girls worldwide.

Bethany’s latest project, Surfs Like a Girl, is a film showcasing her surfing talents and will release in Spring 2017.


Today she says her greatest achivement and joy is being a wife and mother.


We never tire of her story or lose our admiration for her talent and attitude.


You can learn more at (definitely visit the gallery)  and you can watch her surf on a number of YouTube videos.


Frankly, her story is one of the most amazing and inspiration ever and she deserves all the accolades that come her way.