by Larry Oxenham, Publisher


One man’s thought about a very special country ….

I was sitting quietly in seat 3D on my flight from Los Angeles to the Dominican Republic thinking of the America I live in today.

We have much confusion, concern and consternation among the citizenry, largely because those who would lead and inform us, the politicians and the media, have failed miserably in their jobs … while we stood by and watched.

There would never have been a Donald Trump presidency in a country that functioned as it should.

On the other hand, it is a tribute to Trump that he recognized the frustration in the nation, echoed it, crafted a campaign around it, and won.

Trump would not have been president if Barack Obama had been a leader, but Obama came to office from the insulated bubble of academia and activism, entered the White House as a master orator with no record of leadership, and proceeded to give the country 8 years of left leaning ideology. The primary task of a leader to inspire those below him; Obama’s speeches inspired; his presidency did not.

But the nation’s problems were much deeper and fell into three categories:

  1. The lifestyle of the average America is a comfortable one, so much so that spending time with the television remote in hand proved a great sedative.  Although the basic standard of living was deteriorating and the middle class dream fading, there was not enough discomfort to elicit a real reaction … until the 2016 election.
  1. The media, after serving as Barack Obama’s de-facto campaign team in 2008 and 2012, drifted into not just irrelevance but disgust in the eyes of much of the population. In fact, many in America will tell you the media is to truth what cancer is to health.
  1. Politicians, left and right, pursued their personal wealth while pompously pretending to care about those they govern. Both sides lost the trust of the American people and seem little concerned about gaining it back.

The democrats lost the election, contrary to what the media and many in the party say, because they had a poor messenger with no tangible message, an arrogance nurtured by a biased media, and an inability to look inward.

This is not to tell you the right has a monopoly on being, well, right. After all, the Republicans in Congress spent the past 7 years preaching the repeal of the ACA, or Obamacare, and then when they took office they had no concrete plan to replace it.

If it seems I have no love for either side it is because I have no love for either side.

In the middle of public discontent with the arrogant classes came now president Donald Trump, a man outside the political orthodoxy of both the political and media classes, a man who says what is on his mind and steadfastly stares down those with whom he disagrees.

Mr. Trump reached into the hearts and minds of those Americans who feel they have been sacrificed to the gods of political correctness, demeaned by the ruling class, academia and media, and considered nothing but a minor stumbling block in the race to remake America.


In the middle sits the media with CNN, the international ‘face’ of America, running non-stop ‘discussions’ on the evils of every word, twitter feed or action the president takes and the New York Times literally loading up the front page and virtually every other page with anti-Trump rantings.

But the height of arrogance is Dan Rather, the man who lost his seat as ‘America’s Anchor’ because he knowingly fabricated a story intended to besmirch George Bush, who has now started a blog dedicated to fighting fake news… heck, I couldn’t fake this if I had to ….

There is a point to this rant and the point is this:


We don’t think President Trump is a threat to America.

We think non-thinking students who burn buildings and damage property in a rage against someone they refuse to listen to; professors who indoctrinate students into anti-American thinking instead of critical thinking (nationally, studies show liberal professors outnumber conservative and moderate professors by a 12 – 1 margin across the country and 28 – 1 in Ivy League institutions.); politicians who tell us the country was unfairly founded and is an unfair place today; and media who parrot stories they get from partisan websites are the intolerant Americans they claim others are.

We lament the loss of civility in society today, the use of 4 letter words in public discourse at all levels, the never ending blaming of someone else for problems and challenges, and the sense of entitlement so many have today.

We do not know yet if President Trump is a visionary. Trump did have the vision to reach the average person. And Trump does have specific thoughts about what he wants to accomplish. As he pushes his agenda along you will have to dig deeply to determine if his actions are visionary because the media will not give us a clear picture. And that’s a shame.

We do know the media and the current political class are not visionaries.

We also believe America today is at something of a crossroads; we have had academia teaching a full generation that America is an evil place. That generation is now moving into adulthood with little historical understanding of their country, a very narrow view of the world, and a reactionary approach to our civilization. Because this generation was not taught critical thinking in school, because this generation has rarely ventured beyond the boundaries of America, and because this generation seems to be celebrity crazed and celebrity driven, and because Hollywood so clearly despises America as it is, we do not expect the America 20 years from now to resemble what it is today.

The America today does not resemble what it was 20 years ago

Today we have political correctness instead of truth.

Today we have coarse language instead of literature.

Today we have moral equivalence of virtually any activity or preference.

Today we have ‘fairness’ as the national verb.

Today we have bias masquerading as journalism.

Today we have indoctrination funded by the public in our universities.

Today we have students who feel entitled.

Today we have a dependent class that spans generations.

Today we have politicians who pander rather than govern. (Not necessarily new.)

Today we worship athletes and celebrities while those who provide real service go unnamed or ridiculed.

Today we have reality TV that is scripted.

Today we celebrate failure and demean success.

Today we graduate students who can’t read their diplomas.

Today we rationalize the worse behavior by belittling good behavior.

Today we lower expectations by minimizing accomplishment.

Today we give a trophy to everyone.

Today our pets are people.

Today we expect Americans to adjust to everyone else but do not expect others to conform to our standards.

Today’s America is different.

President Trump succeeded because he recognized America’s discomfort with being compromised.

We believe the future of America, if we are to survive as a country, will depend on visionaries with nerve, much as the Founding Fathers were, visionaries who are not afraid to put their very lives on the line to facilitate a society in which the America dream of the PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS returns to the forefront.

We have equality in America.

The wealthiest woman in media is black.

Asians excel in our schools.

Immigrants from Mexico run successful businesses throughout California.

Gays own businesses, teach in schools and otherwise live productive lives everywhere.

People with challenges/handicaps work in schools and businesses and factories.

Deaf people can work and teach.

Men and women share work, service clubs and all levels of opportunity and achievement.


But the door is not open, and never will be, to those who whine, who blame others for their failures, or try to convince us that diversity is good for the sake of diversity, that minorities are valuable because they are minorities, or that good intentions are a perfect substitute for actually contributing to society.

If this seems harsh, so be it; America became a great country by creating opportunity and the doors to success have never been as wide open to everybody as they are now.

Unfortunately, we seem to have a media and an elite class that has decided, even though they have made it, nobody else can, and it’s the fault of the white founders.

There’s no way to argue with that, other than to remind every American this is a better country when all of us contribute.

We should probably apologize for the length of this article but one thought begot another begot another.

You see, I have been an American since birth, and like many people I have done some really dumb things, have missed so many opportunities, and have had moments when I wondered if I would ever do well, but I never once blamed my deficiencies on someone else.

And yes, I realize there have been failings in America’s past but I defy anyone to convince me those failings are insurmountable for anyone living in today’s America.

People used to be proud to be American.

I still am. Not arrogantly so. I mean, I have no color barriers, I love being in other countries, I work with people of all physical and mental persuasions, I have friends who would take this article, light it on fire, and use it to burn my house down. I also have friends who look for the good in everyone.

But, most of all, I have friends who enjoy freedom, take responsibility for their actions and their lives and firmly believe we are all better off when everyone succeeds.

Maybe America would be a better place if this thinking was more widespread.

Just thinking’ ….

P.S. My flight landed safely at Punta Cana Airport in the Dominican Republic. I rented a car and drove across the island to my destination. The Dominican is a dirt poor country rife with crime. The island comprises the eastern half of land that includes Haiti. It was interesting to note many of the employees at the resort were Haitians who risked walking miles through jungle for a menial job at the resort. Most Americans would think the Dominican is an undesirable land but the Haitians look at it as the land of their (only) opportunity. Americans need to get ‘out’ more ….

EPILOGUE: As you know, complaining is the easiest thing in the world to do, but finding solutions takes real thought. In future articles we will explore what we believe are logical solutions for our problems of health care, poor roads and myriad other challenges facing the nation.

  1. Bob Rowland says:

    OMG….I wish I could take this Letter to D.C. and give it to all in Congress, Senate, House, hell…..everyone that lives in D.C.

    You are right on the button Larry, Keep the great reads a coming my friend and before you know it…we will elect you as our next President of the United States of America!

    • arclarry says:

      Thanks, Bob, not sure those people live close enough to reality to understand my words.

      But I have much more planned so come back often.

  2. Jim Wylie says:

    You are “Spot On”. If only the people who NEED to read this-Would.

    • arclarry says:

      They won’t! Those who need will still be out shouting down everyone else, breaking windows and whining about their lives!

  3. Leonard Matlaw says:

    Very thorough and perceptive analysis of the various forces and factors present in America today that affect our everyday life. A great overview.

  4. Ray Asper says:

    Excellent! … ’nuff said.