Lykke Update July 2017



From Larry Oxenham

NOTE: As always, it is important to let you know I am not an owner of Lykke, do not participate financially from my relationship, and am an investor like you. I believe Lykke is a special opportunity worth knowing about and will continue offering updates as the company progresses.

Lykke is the first platform created to allow transactions of any type – currency, stocks, products – worldwide with 0 fees.

Many look at Lykke as a bitcoin company or just an app, but Lykke is a comprehensive concept changing the way financial transactions are handled worldwide.

This is another in our continuing series of updates for Lykke. As you know, we write when we have something to say about Lykke, if there are new announcements, or if something newsworthy happens.

This email comes to you following a long telephone conversation I had with Anton regarding a recent meetup Lykke hosted in Zurich.

This White Paper brings you inside information from the first ‘meetup’ in Switzerland, the first public meeting Lykke hosted for those interested in Lykke and for those who might be investors.

Anton scheduled and hosted the meeting, invited some of Lykke’s staff, including Richard, and prepared a loose agenda allowing for feedback from attendees.

The initial goal was to provide perspective on the blockchain, developers and finance, but the meeting proved much more.

This was the first time the attendees had met the Lykke staff in person, and the results of the meeting were eye-opening.

Before I tell you the interesting points from the meeting one attendee, at the end said,

“You are a typical Swiss company, first you do the work, then you tell people.”

And this sums up Lykke perfectly. Richard and Anton have been making major accomplishments behind the scenes but still feel there ‘is much hard work to do’ before boasting of their successes. This is unusual, especially here in America, where companies often employ a major marketing campaign and then try to see if they can survive their success.

This should also give a lot of confidence to those of you, like me, who have trusted and invested in Lykke to this point.

And, by the way, there are a number of videos online about Lykke, all positive, but it appears many don’t know how to pronounce the word Lykke: Richard pronounces it L-eh-kay. In other words, treat the y like eh and the kke like kay. A small thing but good to know.

Now, some important points:

  1. Lykke is pursuing licensing worldwide and they are the only firm doing so. This will give them the ability to handle transactions anywhere in the world. Much of the licensing is done but the bureaucracies, especially here in the U.S., control the timing. This process should be complete within 2 years. (We expect the US process to be finished sometime this year.)


  1. Lykke now has 100 full time employees, many located in Switzerland but others in strategic locations across the globe where they can best manage Lykke’s growth.


  1. Lykke also operates as an ‘incubator’ for entrepreneurs with ideas that will complement Lykke’s core mission and values. What Lykke does is provide funding and management expertise to entrepreneurs to bring an idea from conception to reality. This is an important part of the future for Lykke because many of those who want to work with Lykke bring industry changing thinking and their success will enhance Lykke’s growth; a symbiotic methodology.


  1. I asked Anton the one thing that stood out among attendees from the meeting and he said they were shocked to learn of the overall vision Lykke has for the future. Many of them look at Lykke as an app and a bitcoin trading venue.


But Richard explained Lykke’s vision overall and the attendees as a group were happily surprised. Richard’s, and therefore, Lykke’s ‘anti-status-quo’ thinking about the nature of organizations today, his belief those who contribute should benefit, that the business should be open to the world and that the business should provide a societal benefit is what sets Lykke apart.


  1. Lykke’s website now gets 1,000,000 hits per week and the company is picking up about 1,000 new customers per day, all without any marketing campaign. Much of this is due to the favorable listing of Lykke at, the industry’s leading barometer of cryptocurrency companies.


Lykke’s success is very much under the radar right now but Richard’s vision and financial acumen, combined with the unique algorithms designed by Anton, and the highly qualified and experienced staff they have assembled, means Lykke is just beginning this amazing journey to the top.

Maybe the most important thing to take from the meetup is that Lykke has operated with humility and knowledge and is letting the story unfold as they grow.

There will be much more to report in coming weeks and months so watch my emails for updates ….


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