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There are so many approaches to health, weight loss, disease and other factors affecting our quality of life, how long we live, and how well we live we try to simplify things and offer you helpful thoughts to make your life a little better. We also welcome your suggestions or ideas or methods that have worked for you.

No doctors, now what?

  This is both an observation and a solution to the problems created by the Affordable Care Act, a well-intentioned (by the president, not by the authors) and impossible attempt to let the government control both the process and economy

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Is it just Americans?

By Larry Oxenham, Publisher We hear so much today about the “Obesity Epidemic” in America we wonder if it is true. On a personal level, as one who goes through airports around the country at least 100 times yearly, I

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It’s okay to eat that egg!

Seems like most people have less trust in government today than ever before. After all, our politicians have led us on an uncertain path, our basic standard of living is not what it was, and we constantly hear how America

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