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The media today has become the enemy of inspiration, passion and success. In fact, the never ending bad news leading the day’s stories are enough to make you go back to bed and pull the covers over your head. Yet, despite the media and the negativity of so many people there are every day people who do extraordinary things that inspire, motivate and even bring a tear to your eyes. This section is your ‘mental energy booster’ giving you positive words to build your day around.

Random Thoughts ….

by Larry Oxenham, Publisher As we suffer through the absolute idiocy of the media obsessing over Donald Trump’s unconventional campaign we almost forget there is something at stake in this election. And we think some – RANDOM THOUGHTS about the

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Why Nothing Gets Done…

by Larry Oxenham, Publisher As we get into the heavy part of the political season a common theme has been the lack of progress coming out of Washington, D.C. And, of course, it all begins with the president because it

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Videos worth your time ….

Sometimes it’s nice to set aside everything else you are doing, visit Youtube and listen to pleasant, inspiring, unusual and sometimes really funny videos. We thought it might fun to give you some links here you can visit anytime you

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How the Internet Began ….

By Larry Oxenham, Publisher INTRO: Computers and the internet are both the necessity and the curse of many today, so we thought it might be fun to take a, rather, uh, different look at how the internet began: HOW THE

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IRS in Switzerland and other absurdities …

For several years now we have known Americans living in Switzerland are no longer allowed to have bank account there, thanks to our heavy handed government. It is an especially big problem for ex-pats living there who depend on local

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Building the Ark today ….

What if you had to build an ark to escape 40 days of flooding … in 2016 it might go like this – The path to completion might be, uh, well, a little longer: And the Lord spoke to Noah

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Don’t give a knife to a monkey ….

Most of us are really busy these days, either working like crazy to make ends meet, raising a family, or just trying to keep up. And the internet is at the center of our lives, sometimes occupying hours each day

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