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The world is a pretty interesting place but most of us never get to witness much. I’ve been lucky to travel a lot domestically and visit several countries, and my kids have traveled some, too. Articles here offer our thoughts on our travels along with photos. We hope you will add your stories and pictures so we can feature your adventures.

Cuba, Not Your Destination ….

by Larry Oxenham, Publisher When the former president opened up Cuba to American tourists we wondered what the attraction would be. We have been to much of the Caribbean, have followed the history of Cuba, and knew it was a

Living Large Overseas …

by Larry Oxenham, Publisher LIVING LARGE OVERSEAS – Recently read an article that noted 2016 was the year in which more Americans denounced their citizenship than in any year prior. The reason? The IRS! We are the only country that

Seeing the world …

Travel has changed in recent years with Facebook, Texting, etc., allowing us to communicate our experiences immediately from anywhere and with airlines offerings service worldwide. But one thing remains the same: travel should be part of your life. The first