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Hello Larry,

Thank you for your response and your program explanation. I appreciate your openness and honesty. I won't even consider business opportunities where the promoter is vague or acts like they have something to hide before you purchase their program. Your willingness to talk about your opportunity while I decide on buying it goes a long way with me.

I had a few more questions for you. Correct me if I am wrong, but it appears your program centers on helping people create their own information product (i.e., a book, report, or eBook) and then assisting them in selling it. If this assumption is on track, then I was wondering:

1. Do you give the people who buy your program one or more reports that are already written (presumably by you) to sell? If so, are these reports proven successful sellers that have made you good money, or something more general in nature?

2. If the reports/books/eBooks are not pre-written by you, is your program designed to help someone like me create my own successful reports/books, or do you just point me to one or more sources where I could purchase general reports and then re-sell them?

3. It sounds as if your program involves a mentorship between you and the people who buy your program. I think that is a fantastic idea and really will help the chances of success for an individual with your material. Given that I would be paying only $30 for your program, how long would you mentor me? Is there a time limit (one month, six months, etc.) or would my mentor relationship with you be unlimited in duration? Do you charge additional fees for mentoring after a certain period of time (i.e., first month is free, every additional month costs another $30) or not?

Thanks again for your honesty. I look forward to your response.



Thank you, Scott, for asking something everyone must wonder about. There are so many offers and so little detailed information available that your question really hit home. My experience, when I was struggling, was that I would read an ad, get excited, order the stuff, find it impossible to do, write to the advertiser, and never get an answer. And I suspect you and others have experienced the same thing. So let me deal with each of your questions:

1. I do not provide anything prewritten, other than my Guide. I have yet to see anything prewritten by anyone be successful for anyone else. I know there are some advertisers who will send you copies of stuff they copied from somewhere else, but you will usually find the information so vague or so old it would never work for you. But there's a more important issue here: if you don't take ownership of your information, you will never succeed. What do I mean by this? You have to think about your words, understand them, and believe in them. If you are faking it, the reader will know. How many times have you read someone's ad and when finished thought, “Oh yeah, right. You liar!” Some people can write a good ad, very few can help you be successful. To test this, the next time you read a business opportunity ad, write or email the advertiser for specific information before buying. I'll bet you never hear a word, and that's because they can't support their words. In my case, you get the basic Guide followed by a series of assignments that take you through the exact same steps I followed along the way. You will eliminate the mistakes, take ownership of your words, and get help from someone who has understands your concerns. And when complete, you will have words that put money in your bank account month after month, year after year.

2. Once again, I am very specific: I want you to put together words that work for you. I have no problem if you take someone else's work as long as we can personalize it so it becomes yours. You notice I use the word "we" because you have my help with the assignments each step of the way. You will be surprised how much you have to offer and how easy it as we take it step by step. You can take other reports and resell them if you wish but I don't think you will find true success that way.

3. At this point I don't charge any more than the initial thirty bucks or so, and that's because I wanted to present a program with very few moving parts; that is, I wanted the beginning entrepreneur to succeed in an easy-to-manage manner. Most people who purchase my program have tried and failed somewhere along the way, have purchased other programs that didn't work, and can't stomach another failure (read the article The Mind of the True Entrepreneur in this section). I do offer mentorship along the way, and it is the reason I am successful, but it's free. But it's a two-way street: I learn from my students as they learn from me. For example, Ask Mr. Lazy is the result of questions asked by others. I hope to add an ongoing mentorship fee in the future, but for now I want as many successes as I can create and am committing the extra time and effort to make it happen. My mentorship is currently unlimited; I just had a lady from the northeast contact me after two years away to tell me she is now ready to get to work. There are many rewards in this business, Scott, besides the lazy lifestyle. My students stay in touch, they progress and they enjoy what they are learning (take a look at the Testimonials link on the website). I make great money along the way, live well, and have the satisfaction of knowing I offer the highest quality product and the best service in the industry. Thanks for asking. I know you speak for so many out there.

Larry/aka Mr. Lazy

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