Skeptical is a good thing,

An Important note from Mr. Lazy

When you have a successful program, as I do, you get lots of questions. Those who have found success with my guidance write and tell me they are thankful. Those who have purchased something from someone else in the past often tell me of their disappointment and their concern that this is another scam. This letter is written to those who just know, absolutely know for sure, that the information I offer is as flawed as “everyone else's” and that I am getting “rich” by “stealing” the purchase price from them!

There are a lot of bad programs out there and you should be skeptical! But you should also be realistic, keep your mind open, and hear the good and the bad. Maybe this letter will help you. One thing I do know is that I used to be that skeptic. I bought lots of junk. I sometimes justified my failures by blaming them on the material I bought.

So here is the absolute truth: The programs you buy through the mail are often sold by people who don't do them! Most advertised programs provide incomplete information and are very difficult, if not impossible, for most people to use. Those advertisers know that most people, even if angry, will not get around to returning the material so they know they will get to keep the money even if their information stinks.

That's the truth, and that's the way it is.

However, some of us are good, some are even better. I fall into the latter class because I not only offer good information I provide personal support by email throughout the process. I know of nobody else who does this. Now I'm going to do a little mind reading and see if I can address some of your real concerns:

1. I read your letter and it sounds too good to be true? A sales letter, any sales letter, has to accent the positive or nobody will buy. You have to believe you can achieve the same success or you wont take the next step and place an order. The hard part is determining whether or not the story is true. I'm very skeptical of the ones that say they were stone broke but ran into some plain old guy on a hot day and he shared the secret... yeah, right! If it sounds totally unbelievable, it probably is. Read the ad or the sales letter more than once. Does it seem like it is possible? Do you believe? If you have questions can you email the author and get those questions answered? (I know from experience that this is almost impossible with most.) Does the letter promise help after you purchase the program and how will you get that help? Is it free? (Hint: Look at the testimonials section in my website for the answer with my program. Each of these comes from an email sent to me unsolicited by someone I have worked with. There are no phony stories here, no lies, just heartfelt words from people like you who were so surprised at the help they got after they purchased my program.)

2. I have spent lots of money on programs over the years but still have not succeeded. Many times you ordered information hoping (fantasizing?) you will make a zillion dollars in one hour even if you do no work. But this is Earth and you know it doesn't happen that way. If you honestly expect to make a financial killing with absolutely no effort you will have a sad (and probably short) life.

3. If you have made so much money why do you charge for your information? Why don't you give it away? Would you work for your boss for free? I know that's a little sarcastic but this is a country in which you are entitled to make a profit if you are willing to make the effort. You have to pay to go to a baseball game even though the owners and players are rich. You have to pay your doctor who probably makes more than you do. Why would someone like me (or anyone else) spend a great deal of time writing information, lots of money marketing my product/service, and then give it away? The truth is that information has value, and that value is expressed in the purchase price. (But I donate money to the causes I like. For example, I make regular contributions to the Vietnam Veterans (I am one), blind veterans (my father was blind) and other groups I believe in. I think everyone should be responsible with whatever profit is made, but you cant contribute anything if you don't charge for what you do.)

4. What makes you so different? Lots's! For one, I am a very good writer who creates good, complete material. For another, I have been burned often in the past, but I have also experienced success: I know the difference! But the most important difference is that I stay with you throughout the process. Once you purchase my material you get a special email address and you can communicate with me daily. Also, I give you a series of assignments and help you proceed at your pace. If you follow my guidance you will end up with a solid, marketable result. I give you exactly what I do: every secret, every strategy, every shortcut, every money saving idea I learned along the way.

5. If your method is so special, why teach it to me? Wont there end up being too many people trying the same thing? That's a great question. The reason I can give my idea to so many people is that I know only a small percentage will ever actually apply anything they receive! A good idea is a good idea even if more than one person has it. For example, have you ever noticed that when a McDonalds opens up another bunch of fast foot places open up near it? Or that car dealers now have car malls where they all compete with each other? And that magazines carry lots of ads that are similar. A good idea works all the time. A little competition often makes it work even better. Or, put another way, if nobody was interested in what you do how would you sell your idea?

6. Oh, wait a minute, I know how it works, when I send you money you tell me to buy ads in a magazine and do what you do? Ooooh, you have been burned, haven't you! Actually, I help you determine what to write, how to write it, how to budget your marketing, and where to market. I do show you how to create a great ad, how to assemble good information, and how to make a bunch of $$$ without doing much work. My philosophy is proven and simple: Do really great work up front and it will generate income for you for many years to come. I don't do mail order or auctions or other systems that require tremendous amounts of ongoing time, lots of cash, and have very high disappointment aspects. I prefer a simple method that truly earns money while you are lying on the beach. But I'm also a people addict and I love spending time advising and assisting, so I spend some time at my computer every day helping people out. Its the best of all worlds.

7. Why don't you give out your phone number so we can call you? If I charged a thousand dollars or more I might give you my office number. But, at my price my profit would disappear with a few calls. Also, having made the mistake once of giving my number out, I know that people live in different time zones and call at weird hours. However, email has allowed me to provide 24 hour quality assistance. When you have to write out your question you think about it more and get more out of it. When you purchase my guide you receive a special email address that allows continued access. Its a great way to go. And, finally, the name of my firm is LazyWealth™, with the accent on Lazy. I designed the program to work when I want to work, where I want to work, and how I want to work. If I spent all my time on the phone, or doing seminars, or anything like that, my time at the beach would be severely shortened. And I am teaching the business to my kids so I can spend even more time lounging around. (But, remember, I'm sixty years old, so its time for me to have some fun.)

8. Why do you charge $29.95? It doesn't cost that much to put your Guide together? No, it doesn't, but it costs $$$ to advertise, print, mail, pay staff, do accounting, pay overhead and even make a little profit. There is a very specific reason my price is what it is (and why I offer significant discounts for cash or internet ordering.) During my individual tutoring I help you determine your successful price point by talking about the realities of putting information together. And I show you some really neat cost saving ideas. I'm going to assume you want to earn a profit from your efforts, so I will also assume you would like to learn how to be certain you will profit.

9. I really don't have anything to offer so how can I do what you are doing? Fair question, just don't underestimate yourself. Although my emphasis is on helping others make $$$ (Because I believe you can do important work after you have money!) I have had students who have used me to help them prepare saleable information on fishing, golf, crafts and other marketable information. Go to your library one day and look through the magazines: almost every subject is covered and magazines only print if they can sell ads. On the other hand, if you have no special skill you might be wise to remember that everyone wants more money (Isn't that why you contacted me?) so a guide on how to make money is a great idea and one I have some inside information on.

10. Is there really such a thing as a formula for success? Yes, every successful firm in the world has it. Its called planning, preparation, perspiration. In my case, all the perspiration comes up front with my help.

Thanks for asking. I am constantly amazed at the sincerity of those who contact me and of the true desire to finally find something that works. My program works if you do. It won't make you rich overnight but it will let you grow as you can afford to and it can retire you to the beach.

But, if you are still not convinced, well, good luck with whatever you do in the future. You may be so entrenched in the negatives that you cant see the ultimate reward. That's too bad, but you can do something about it. Continue asking tough questions but look inward before blaming others for all of your failures. Remember, you have more God given talent between your ears than you can ever possibly use. Step back for a minute, take a breath, and begin anew.

If I help you get over the hurdle I am honored. But, if you reject my information, continue your search until you find the solution that works! And, as the coach Jim Valvano urged everyone, “don't give up. Don't ever give up”.

Thank you for asking. You can order you eBook copy of my Guide by clicking here.

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