Sometimes I Get So Discouraged

I get so many messages from students who believe they are struggling, especially in the beginning when they are working through the assignments:

“I just can't seem to come up with an idea.

I'm stuck.

I always think my ideas sound like everyone else's.”

I don't have enough money to.

Oh, go ahead, check the ones you've used over and over. In fact, as far as I'm concerned, if you've never been discouraged you've never tried!

One of my favorite analogies concerns baseball players. A great player is one who has a batting average of .300 or higher. For all those of you who know nothing about baseball, this simply means a great player hits safely three times or more out of every ten times at bat.

That means every great player makes an out 7 out of every 10 times he tries!

Wow, how discouraging is that? In order to succeed in baseball a player has to be willing to fail 7 times out of every 10 tries. How on earth does anyone wake up every morning looking forward to failing 7 out of 10 tries at anything?

Maybe its the incredible thrill that comes from those three successes. Or maybe its the ultimate thrill of hitting a home run. Or maybe its knowing that one of those hits might win a game? Or maybe its the .

HUGE amount of $$$ a player can make

Just getting a hit three times out of ten. Top athletes today are paid millions of dollars a year for a little bit of success.

Or let me put it another way:


Oh, now it's not quite so discouraging, is it. And that's the point I'm trying to drive home.

You see, that baseball player began as a small child, usually playing with and against older kids. And that player struck out time after time after time before ever safely getting a hit. And that player was the last one chosen when the kids on the street got together. And that player struck out to end the most important game of the Little League season. He was so discouraged!

But that player learned a little from each mistake, got better little by little, and one day became a star.

I played a lot of baseball and made a lot of mistakes. But I made even more mistakes when I decided I wanted to do something on my own.

You don't have to make all those mistakes, unless you are determined to. I built the LazyWealth™ after making almost every mistake a person could make. I wanted to come up with something brilliant, something never tried before. I wanted to write something so good the world would just jump up and down for the privilege of paying me. I wanted the world to adapt to my way of thinking! And all the time there were people with simple little tried and tested ideas making a financial killing.

There isn't much new in business; basically, most people make something or create something and then try to sell it. General Motors does it. McDonalds does it. Hallmark Cards does it. Each of them began with a dream and a plan, - but GM didn't invent the automobile, McDonalds did not invent the hamburger and Hallmark did not invent nice words to put on a card -, made their mistakes and moved forward. And each one faced discouraging times along the way.

I don't care whose success system you work with, you still have to be prepared to go through the tough times. Unfortunately, many of the systems are so poorly written and impossible to succeed with that many of you come to my program already discouraged.

You don't have a lot of money but you want and/or need a lot of money. The monthly bills just keep growing and growing, the birthdays continue coming, the car gets a little older, and you find it so hard to continue. I'm not going to sit here and tell you this is how you build character, that's the last thing you need to hear. Some very wise person once said that experience is what you get when you are looking for something else.

You have experience! You know frustration! You understand what its like to feel like you wasted your money. And then, when you run in to those block walls like those in the beginning of this article, your frustration gets bigger and bigger and pretty soon you are convinced you will never make it.

And then you lash out. You write hate letters or emails to the person or company you sent your money to. You use very creative language to admonish your computer. You grump around so much nobody wants to be around you. And you begin to believe you can't make it. You tell everyone its someone else's fault but down deep you know its you.

And that is how we define the word discourage!

So how do you get past it?

First, look inward. You may have received poor information in the past, maybe even had some bad breaks, but the reasons you are not now successful are usually identifiable.

For example, you may now have the right, or enough, education. Maybe you grew up in a family, as I did, in which nobody had ever been in business. Maybe you ran up credit card debt when you were young and are still trying to pay them down. Maybe your car keeps breaking down. Maybe, maybe, maybe. Sometimes its not your fault, sometimes it is.

You get over discouragement by doing what successful people do:

1. Set a realistic financial goal and a realistic time to achieve it.
2. Think about what you are willing to do to achieve your goal.
3. Develop your plan before you start.
4. Research the methods you think will work.
5. Find a mentor, someone who has been there.
6. Commit to your plan, time and money.
7. Set aside time every day to work towards your goal.
8. Be patient. Unless you have the winning lotto numbers you wont get rich overnight.
9. Follow the plan.
10. Review what you have done.

Now go back and think about the way you've done things in the past. Most people start and stop, get discouraged, quit for awhile, and then start again. And most people act this way because they don't start out with a realistic idea of what they will do to get what they need. They say, “I want to be rich”. And that's the only plan they have.

The baseball player begins every season with Spring Training. The player already knows how to play the game, so what's the point? The player reviews where he is, sets goals for the new season, and then follows a plan to get ready. Just like you.

Discouragement is normal. Don't let it stop you. Keep the ten point plan with you at all times and then, every time you wonder if you can take the next step, take a look at where you are and what part of the plan you need to follow to get ahead.

We followed that path here at LazyWealth when we began back in 1998. Prior to that Mr. Lazy bought system after system, attended seminar after seminar, started and stopped and started and stopped. Each time I failed I blamed it on the material, bad luck, the weather, my boss, everything but me! When Mr. Lazy finally accepted the fact that only he could affect what happens to his future, he took a more realistic look, developed a plan, talked to successful people he knew, followed their guidelines and today, well, today is a day at the beach.

Your success can be easier to achieve than your failure, but you have to be willing to change. Begin today! If you choose us we will provide you the information, the step by step plan and the personal assistance along the way. Join the LazyWealth students whose lives changed when they made the decision to purchase our simple Guide.
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