If it is so easy, why doesn't everybody do it!

One of Mr. Lazy's favorite all time questions. If there was a Hall of Fame for questions this would surely get the most votes. After all, if I tell you what I do is easy and fast and lucrative and could be done anytime I want and is really really really simple, wouldn't you think everyone would jump aboard and do the same thing? And then, when everyone was doing it wouldn't it lose its value?

Well, why don't we ask McDonalds about that. McDonalds has been the most successful fast food franchise in the world for a long, long time. And they've done it making hamburgers. You can make hamburgers at home. On vacation. At a picnic. At your neighbors house. At the church social. At the football game. Heck, you can even buy them pre-made and frozen; just pop one into the microwave and you have a hamburger. You don't need McDonalds to have a hamburger!

So how come McDonalds is making billions of dollars off of something this simple? Or how come there seems to be a Starbucks on every single street corner? After all, you can get coffee anywhere? Or maybe you like shoes. Doesn't it seem like every store at the mall sells shoes? How about cars? Just how many car lots are there? It goes on and on. There is an adage that says Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. In business, imitation is the sincerest form of guaranteed profit.

Nobody imitates something that doesn't work. Lets say you are a brilliant inventor and you came up with a square tire for an automobile, a beautiful tire that looks so much better than today's round tires. To whom would you sell it? Where is the market?

Mr. Lazy worked for a man who said, All the good ideas have already been invented. If you want to make money improve something that's already out there. Wise man.

I finally figured it out with LazyWealth™. I took one of the most fundamental aspects of business, an idea with more than a thousand year history, something every business has to do well to succeed, studied how other people used it successfully, tweaked it to fit today's marketplace and now I have a Money Machine. Was I smarter than the person who thought it up first? No. Did I have a better idea? No. Did I do something so magical that nobody else could ever duplicate it? No! In fact, I give away every secret I have in my Guide, “Take a Really Fast Drive down the Lazy Road to Truly Great Wealth!” (To order your copy, click here)

But lets go back to the original question: If it is so easy why doesn't everyone do it? Well, most people would rather have something handed to them than have to create it themselves. Some people are too busy to cook. For some it might be less expensive than buying food. Others think the food tastes great. Still others like the consistency. There are many reasons McDonalds has done well but they have succeeded because they understood many people want their food fast, easy, and cheap. And then they advertised that their food was fast, easy and cheap. They have never been blamed for having great food, just a great method of delivery.

How many people do you know who go to McDonalds often without ever considering they could duplicate the method? Oh, but you say, McDonalds has billions for advertising, we could never compete with them. Tell that to Burger King, Taco Bell, and all those little independent hamburger stands that open up near a McDonalds. People who eat at McDonalds also enjoy some variety, so the little shops benefit from the people who found them on their way to McDonalds. Besides, when McDonalds began it was a little one store location in San Bernardino, California.

LazyWealth™ came about because I finally learned there were lots of people out there who were successful doing what seemed like really simple work. When I began my search I knew several truths about me: 1. I didn't have any special skills in business. 2. I am not mechanically inclined, so I couldn't build anything to sell. 3. I don't have either musical or artistic talent. 4. I have no ideas to invent or patent. 5. I didn't have enough money to buy a good idea.

What I did have was curiosity. I had often seen those business opportunity magazines (like the ones I now run full page ads in) and was always curious about the ads. I sent away for lots and lots of free details, and as my budget permitted, I sent away for the actual information. Some of the advertisers came and went, some stayed and stayed and stayed. Just like the McDonalds hamburger stand that has customers lined up from morning until night, these advertisers had people purchasing their product day after day, month after month, year after year. Even more incredible was the fact that many of the ads never changed.

It finally dawned on me that a good message was key to any business. I found some good ones and launched my own study program to learn what worked and what didn't work. Then, once I had a workable idea, I had to decide what information to provide from those ads. Once that was done I had to figure out how to go into business with my idea. (Of course, I did go into business, with just $65, and you know the rest if you've reviewed the website.)

Picture your message like a business in a large shopping mall. There are other businesses all around you, each earning a share of the available customers. When you advertise in a magazine, the magazine is the mall and your ad is one of the stores. The better your message the more customers come to you. My message leads the mall in sales because I worked harder than the others to make it work.

So why isn't everyone doing it? It is simple, isn't it? You can do it cheaply, cant you? Once you do it, it keeps paying day after day, month after month, year after year, doesn't it?

Great ideas are simple on the surface but execution, well, that's the difference. Anyone can swing a baseball bat, but how many can hit a homerun? Anyone can learn to drive a car but how many could build one? I love a great suit but cant tailor one. And you might look at my ad and decide its easy to duplicate. But then where do you put it, for how long, what should you pay, what will you sell, can you afford the printing, what about postage, what about taxes, how do you negotiate prices, where should you begin.

Well, wait a minute, maybe its not all that simple. McDonalds sell a package of information called a franchise that helps the person understand how to succeed owning the business. That information is based on many years of trial and error, millions of dollars in experience, the best legal minds in America, supply channels an average individual could never get, and more. When someone pays hundreds of thousands of dollars for a McDonalds franchise, that individual is not paying to learn how to make hamburgers, he or she is paying for the privilege of being part of a proven success story. McDonalds in the mentor.

When you invest less than $30 in LazyWealth you are not purchasing just good information; you are gaining a strategy that has been tested, perfected and has a history or working over and over again. But, honestly, you can get information like mine from other sources. But what makes LazyWealth so successful is that we are so much more than basic information; we offer the foundation information, ten free assignments and consultation through email advisory services. Just like McDonalds, LazyWealth is a mentor. And, oh by the way, you save a hundred thousand dollars or so in start up cost.

So why doesn't everybody do what I do? Because it is not easy building a great plan, executing the plan, and growing a business. I already did the hard work, made the mistakes, learned the inside secrets, and know what works. You can go about it yourself (as I once did) and waste your hard earned money over and over again or you can order my Guide today and save yourself lots and lots of trouble, time and expense.

To order my Guide, Take a Really Fast Drive down the Lazy Road to Truly Great Wealth! Click here.

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