How Successful People Live

Many years ago I was talking with a very successful man in Dallas, Texas. I told him I wanted to be rich, too. And then he asked me the strangest question: Could you live on $40,000 a year or would that be too much?

I said, $40,000? Sure, I could live on that.

Really, he said, What would you spend the money on? I told him cars, vacations, stuff like that.

That's not what I mean. He said. Exactly what would you spend it on? I told him I had no idea, but give me the money and Ill figure it out. Then he told me I had no chance of making $40,000 because I had no idea exactly how to use it.

At that time his words were lost on me. Years later when I finally had some success and had met other successful people, I understood: I could not be successful until I thought like, lived like, and acted like a successful person.

So how do successful people live? What kind of standards do they have? Do they eat like you do? How about exercise? Do they have any morals? Just how far will they go to earn a buck? Are they curious? Do they like kids? Do they like to travel? Do they watch television? What about Theatre? Opera? Rock and Roll concerts? Do they get toothaches? Do they like to bowl? Or ride horses? Or just sit at home and read?

The answer is a resounding YES! to every question. Successful people are just like you, except they do the things necessary to succeed.

Sometimes its difficult to find much information about successful people. After all, the media concentrates negatives not positives and they are not kind to successful people. The media seems to be jealous of successful people. They are definitely suspicious of the motives of anyone who makes lots of money. They think one person makes money at the expense of another person. And they believe there is something inherently evil in someone who makes a bunch of money.

What a bunch of bunk! Someone who did well bought the newspaper or radio or television station they work providing them the job they have. People who do well hire those who need to do better. People who do well help others succeed. People who do well improve those around them. (Oh sure, there are those who are evil who do well, but they would have been evil even if they didn't do well.) America was founded by people who struggled hard to do well, and they created a foundation upon which you and I can choose to do well, or not.

Quick, ask yourself this question: If you were walking along the street would you rather be walking with and talking with a successful person or a loser? Easy question, isn't it. The successful person would be talking positively, telling you the day ahead holds more success, that plans are being made for a great vacation, or business growth, or to send the kids to college. The unsuccessful person would be complaining about the noise on the street, would be telling you he or she didn't feel well, that the plumbing at home went out that evening, that he or she really needs a vacation but cant afford it well, you get the idea.

Successful people live well, but not by accident. Successful people do the things most of us talk about doing, but don't do. Successful people wake up each morning planning for success, work towards success through the day, reflect on that success in the evening, and then plan for the next days success. (How does that compare to your day?)

Not every successful person follows the same path but every successful person does what is necessary for his or her success. Lets take a look:

1. Successful people get out of bed in the morning. I have been lucky enough to know many very successful people in my life. The one thing that separates them from everyone else is that they get up each morning ready to accomplish something. They don't lie in bed bemoaning the drive or their next sales call or the next meeting. They wake up to take on the day.

2. Successful people learn. I am always amazed at how much successful people believe they have to learn. They read, they go to seminars, they take night classes, they go to computer school, they learn, learn, and learn. Successful people understand the world is changing and they either change with it or get left behind.

3. Successful people expect more of themselves. I have yet to hear a successful person tell me he or she has it made. They believe there are new worlds to conquer every day of the week. If they own their company they are looking to expand their products/services. If they are satisfied with their business they look to charitable work. Every day brings a new challenge and new possibility.

4. Successful people exercise. They walk, they jog, they stretch, they weightlift, or scuba dive or ride horses or something, but they don't sit around. Perhaps the most important aspect of life they understand is that you have to feel good and look good to succeed. Think about it, if you don't like the way you look and you don't feel energetic, you tend to sit around feeling sorry for yourself.

5. Successful people have little time for television. This is my personal pet peeve: I believe television steals life. I tell my audiences in my seminars that a good life begins with turning off the television. In fact, I tell them, the only worthwhile knob on the television is the off button. I know people who turn the television on when they wake up in the morning and leave it on until they go to sleep at night. They don't read, don't exercise, and don't achieve. In fact, I have yet to meet a person whose life has been improved because of television. Sure, there are good programs now and then, but television should be the last thing, never the first, in your day. Watch it only when you have already achieved your goals for the day.

6. Successful people compliment others. You will rarely hear a successful person talk about his or her achievements. In fact, you will rarely hear a successful person talk about him or herself. Successful people understand that very few people find success without the help of others, and they value the help that you and others give them. Since they value you, they nurture you and, if you will let them, they will help you be successful (Here at LazyWealth™ we not only teach you our technique, we lead you step by step. Why? Because the more people we help succeed the more successful we will be.).

7. Successful people listen. A very wise man once remarked that we have two ears and one mouth because God wanted us to listen twice as much as we talk. None of us can learn a thing when we talk. Everything we learn comes from information we allow in to our ears and our mind.

8. Successful people measure the possibilities. This is just a different way to say that successful people plan. They look at what they want to do, decide if it can be done, and then outline the steps to accomplish it. Years ago I wondered how successful people always seem to know how to be successful. I thought they just woke up with brilliance and that was that. For example, I know a lady who decided she wanted to invest in real estate. She knew how much she had to invest but didn't know where or when. So she first took a basic real estate course understand the language, then she attended several specialized seminars until she determined her direction. Then she followed through. Now everybody around her is mystified: how did she do it? Where did she find those properties? She was really lucky to get in at the right time. Luck had nothing to do with it, she had a plan. My students often try to jump ahead and do everything at once. There is a reason I break my program into specific assignments. The assignments force my students to develop a plan, to approach their goals realistically, and as you can see on the testimonials link, my students learn the value of planning.

9. Successful people expect more of you. Have you ever noticed that successful people never settle for less? When you mention something to them they ask questions, questions that often make you second guess yourself. Successful people have a difficult time understanding mediocrity, even more difficulty understanding why others settle for it.

10. Successful people make the effort. Everybody wants more, but very few are willing to make the sacrifice. Some years back I met a friend in Las Vegas. We were there for a three day trade show in our industry. I looked at it as three days to play; he looked at it as three days to learn. His schedule was full of workshops, seminars and meetings. My time was spent at shows, the tables and the bar. When the show was over he returned to his business and became even more successful. I returned home with less than I had when I left. And, by the way, he still found time for a show or two and had a great time. Success is no accident.

So, does that mean you have to work all day every day to succeed? Absolutely not. My successful friends play much more than others. They vacation, they go to the spa, they have great hobbies like flying or scuba diving or golf but they know it takes money to succeed. They understand money is not the meaning of life but it sure makes things easier.

Take a look around you, see the successful people, and look at how they lead their lives. Then, instead of being envious, ask how you can use their techniques for your advantage. Here at LazyWealth we take you on a simple, very logical, journey to success. The very small investment you make in us will help you change the way you think, and then you will know what it is like to live and act like successful people.

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