Take Ownership of Your Future

When speaking to audiences across the country, I always remind them the only way they will ever feel truly confident is when and if they finally take ownership of their future. Often, this is the first time they have ever been told this. And I use the example of legal documents: How many of you have read every word of your home insurance policy? Or of your car insurance policy? Or of the credit contract from a store or a car dealer? Or any legal document anytime in your life?

That's what I thought. We don't read legal documents, we wait until we have a problem and then hope we have a chance. But those legal documents were created by someone else for their benefit, not yours. So why don't you read every word before you sign? Why don't you make sure you understand every single sentence before you commit yourself?

When we think of attorneys and legal stuff, most of us think of too much money and documents that are too complicated. After all, we are not attorneys so we are not supposed to understand those documents, are we? The attorneys certainly hope so; otherwise they could never charge the outrageous fees they get! Especially when they know you don't need an attorney for most of your legal work. You could use standard forms that have been around a long time, fill in the blanks, and you are set.

What is the point of this? We don't take ownership of our personal life any more than we do of our legal life. Why aren't you more successful than you are now? I know, I know, because you have to work to support your family, because the company won't pay you more, because taxes are too high, because school is too expensive, because it's too hard, too this, too that! Every one of these points might be true, but the reason you are not further ahead than you are is because you have not taken ownership of your future.

Nobody in the world cares about your financial future more than you do, and nobody is more equipped to help you get there than you are. So why aren't you already successful?

Mr. Lazy believes it is because of conditioning, of what you have been told all your life. This means it is not your fault that you are not further ahead, but you wont get ahead if you don't change some things. You've got friends, family and co-workers who are always willing to remind you life is hard, you cant get ahead, that successful people are just lucky.

School isn't the answer. If it was, all high school and college graduates would be rich. Working hard isn't the answer: if you've ever watched a crew work on resurfacing a highway you have seen really hard work that wont make them rich. And winning the lotto is not an option.

So what will work? A simple three step plan that incorporates each of the elements necessary for success: Information, Step by Step instructions, and Mentoring. It is this approach that LazyWealth™ built into our system, and we did it out of frustration.

Here is what usually happens, and this is why most of us have not yet succeeded: You look at an opportunity magazine filled with ads promising lots of money with absolutely no work. You don't really believe it but you really want it so you send some of your hard earned money off out of curiosity. In your heart of hearts you know you won't succeed. The book or the pamphlet or whatever it is arrives, you tear the cover off, read through a few pages of sloppy writing to find the “secret”, get mad and ask for a refund. If you actually read every word of the book or pamphlet you realize the information is so vague you could never use it to succeed.

Maybe you decide you want to write the author and challenge him or her (If he or she even exists) but you discover you have nothing more than a street address or PO Box and your correspondence never gets returned (Unless you are working with us here at LazyWealth where all correspondence is responded to!).

Instead of concentrating on building your personal fortune, you are mired in anger and frustration. But you are still going through the magazine hoping another opportunity will work out. You are like the rat on the carousel going round and round and round with no goal in sight.

You have just read the description of Mr.Lazy for many years. I had a million reasons why I could not succeed and yet I wanted to get rich. I bought lots and lots and lots of books and other information from the magazines and learned they all had the same problem: incomplete information I couldn't do anything with.

I attended motivational seminars and bought books and tapes, but I learned that motivators get you excited you while they are in front of you, but it doesn't stick. In another article I said I am a big believer in multi-level marketing, or network marketing as they prefer to call it today, but I also understand more than 90% of MLM hopefuls fail. Why is that? Because it is very difficult to stay motivated long enough to succeed.

Your typical MLM program regardless of what they advertise requires meetings, telephone calls, conference calls, internet monitoring, letters, conventions and lots and lots of time. Usually, you must be available 24 hours a day seven days a week. If you have the stamina and can remain motivated you might eventually make a ton of money.

What's wrong with this picture? Motivation cannot come from outside of you, it must come from within. That's why you aren't motivated the day after you return from walking over coals with Tony Robbins, or the day after you give yourself that “check up from the neck” up that Zig Ziglar advises. Motivation doesn't rain from the sky, there is no expert out there who can give you a motivation transplant.

The good news is that motivating yourself is a simple, ongoing process that you can do anytime you want, as often as you want, and let your motivation sort of sneak up on you.

What do I mean by sneak up on you? Your situation in life today, good or bad, sort of snuck up on you, didn't it? You didn't wake up one day asking to be relatively broke, or desperate to lose weight, or wanting a better car, or hoping to quit that disgusting job. Chances are your situation today is the culmination of many years of processes that became habits. You got where you are today by motivating yourself, rightly or wrongly, a little each day to be exactly what you are right now.

You maintain your current lifestyle because you haven't figured out how to get somewhere better. But you are reading this because you really want something more in your life. And you will get more if you have a good plan and the proper motivation. The trick is to make the motivation stick! And take ownership of your future.

Here at LazyWealth we have a good plan through our Guide, “Take a Really Fast Drive down the Lazy Road to Truly Great Wealth!”, our series of email assignments and the free email mentoring we provide along the way. You succeed by following a very specific set of steps that helps you believe in yourself, moves you towards success, and helps you expect (See our article on Expectations.) success.

I believe it is difficult to convince yourself to succeed or, to put it even more appropriately, to give yourself permission to succeed. Permission? I need permission to get rich? Yeah, you do. You've already given yourself permission to struggle, to be broke, to hate your job, to wonder if you will ever get rich, to be poor. Nothing will change until you also give yourself permission to succeed. And take ownership of your success.

If you already own my Guide and have started your assignments, you know that I begin with something very easy and very quick, then gradually progress to more demanding assignments. Why do I do it that way? Because, once you experience success with your first assignment, you cant wait for the second, and then you really cant wait for the third, and so on. I am “tricking” you into giving yourself permission to succeed. And helping you take ownership of the process along the way.

Each time you have success you want more. I often use baseball analogies to demonstrate a point: The player who just hit a home run cant wait to come to bat again and try for another, but the player who just struck out wonders whether he will ever get another hit. Each has given himself permission to succeed, or to fail. And each owns his next at bat.

Here at LazyWealth we succeed one simple step at a time, one eBook or printed book at a time, one email at a time, one satisfied customer at a time, one more great day at the beach at a time. Our ads succeed one word at a time. As my information letter explained to you, success has not always come easy, but it will always come if you make the effort. When I began I had $65 that I turned into a money order to send to a magazine for an ad, and that $65 produced more than $100 and that $100 produced more than $200 and it just kept on going. At no time in those early days did I envision a professionally designed logo, a fast growing website, customers in Singapore, Japan, England, Puerto Rico, Canada, and other countries, lots of satisfied students including many who have written testimonials you can read on the Testimonials link -, full page ads in various national magazines, lots of plans for the future and, most importantly, a business that will be passed on to my kids and grandkids.

Like the baseball player, I stepped up to the plate wanting to hit a homerun but not knowing if it would be possible. Every one of us has to step up to the plate for the first time. Ownership of your future, confidence in your abilities, and your success will always be the result of a clearly developed, logical, and easy to follow three step plan:

1. THE GUIDE: Your roadmap, the basic information on how to succeed. The LazyWealth Guide, “Take a Really Fast Drive Down the Lazy Road to Truly Great Wealth”, was developed following a proven method. But I knew when I wrote the Guide that it wouldn't be enough by itself. It gives the elements, offers a plan, but people just don't succeed from a book. So I developed a series of...

2. ASSIGNMENTS: I broke the process into ten steps from acquiring basic information, even including inside tips about the business side and saving money along the way. The Assignments instill confidence in you, help you succeed one easy step at a time and help you take ownership of the process. My students work is regularly seen in national magazines today. And each of these students began with doubts as to whether or not he or she could succeed! But, even with this excellent assistance, we realized something else was needed, so we added...

3. PERSONAL MENTORING: When you receive my Guide you also receive my private email address. You are allowed to write to me as often as possible, ask me to review your work, ask for suggestions, make comments, or just simply ask me to say something to make you feel good. Both of us benefit: you get information that I use everyday and I learn your true needs. In fact, every column here in the Ask Mr. Lazy section came from requests or questions from my students.

So there you have it, you will take ownership of your future when you have a plan you believe will work, when you have easy to follow steps to get there, and when you can get the personal mentoring so necessary. I often use my flight instructions as an example here. I could have learned everything I needed about flying from the books designed to teach about flying. I could have walked around an airplane and touched the controls and practiced using them by myself. But would you want to fly with me if I told you I had never actually flown an airplane? I didn't think so. And you don't believe you can fly because there has never been anyone willing to take you by the hand and lead your through the process. And LazyWealth works because we have applied and continue applying every day everything we teach.

LazyWealth is a success because we lead you through all three steps of the process, and we let you ask any question you want. (One student recently asked me about that little mark with our name. How did we get it? What does it cost? How could he get it? He could have paid an attorney several thousand dollars to get this information but he got it from us for free.)

Before you spend a penny of your hard earned money for anyone's information make sure all three steps are available. Write to them. If you don't get a personal response you will never succeed with their information. But, if they are as thorough as we are here at LazyWealth you will get a personal response, you will get the right information, and you will be guided through the process.

And you will take OWNERSHIP of your future. (If you don't have your copy of my Guide, “Take a Really Fast Drive down the Lazy Road to Truly Great Wealth”, you can order it here.)

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