Ask Mr. Lazy

Mr. Lazy get lots and lots of letters, all from people who really want his lifestyle. In this section, we deal with some of the key questions so many of you have and we hope we provide the spark that gets you moving along the road to the Lazy lifestyle. So thanks for writing, and keep the letters coming to

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If you Can't See It, You Won't Get It!

Mr. Lazy in a SuitNot Just About Money

Where Are the Pictures of the Mansions and the Luxury Cars?

Sometimes I Get So Discouraged

Take Ownership of Your Future

I Don't Live in the U.S. Will This Work Where I Live?

Good Things Sometimes Happen to Good People

Expectations: Why We Are Where We Are and Deserve What We Have

Do I have to Have a Product or Idea All My Own?

Questions Everyone Has!

What Does Service Mean?

Mentors Here, Mentors There, Mentors Everywhere

If It is So Easy, Why Doesn't Everyone Do It?

How Successful People Live

Why Not Own a Perfect Business?

The Mind of the True Entrepreneur

Skeptical is a Good Thing



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